Philosophy of Education

Southern California State University is a school founded on Christian principles. SCSU is set to prepare students with Biblical and academic knowledge. Here at SCSU, we believe that through knowledge of scripture and application of it in the real world, true spiritual growth will emerge. By doing so, SCSU is committed to preparing its students for a strong relationship with God. SCSU will provide its students with the necessary scriptural instruction and practical skills to work well in their private lives and ministerial positions.

Ethical Values Statement

Because we, Southern California State University, are a Christian university, we must maintain a good testimony. Thus, we commit to being accurately and honestly represented to students, our accrediting agencies, and the public; this includes honest and open communication with the accrediting commission, undertaking the accreditation review process with seriousness and sincerity, abiding by the policies and procedures of the commission, and an accurate representation of our accredited status.