Job Opening

Job Position: Learning Resource Analyst

Job Duties: 

Develop and interpret information to improve and manage the school’s computer systems, operation systems and capacity to improve process and procedures of learning resources and computer systems including library software and online classes to integrate academic supports. Consult with school administration and staffs to collect and analyze information to conceptualize and define operational requirements and problems. Recommend and devise technical solutions. Create efficient workplaces providing streamlined technologically-enabled services to all students. Study alternative courses of action to provide the best learning resource programs. Observe the current system in operation, specify data requirements and gather and validate information. Test, develop and maintain operation systems, computer systems, in-house software, and hardware. Coordinate and implement security and confidential measures to safeguard data and documents. Prepare management report and recommend changes in management and systems. Manage list of user requirements and issues.


Requirement: Master Degree in Information Technology or related fields

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posted date: 08/17/2020