Grievance and Complaint Procedures

Grievance and Complaint Procedures
Students may submit any grievances that they might have with respect to academic affairs to the Head of Department. Other complaints may be submitted to Administrator. Upon receipt of the grievance, the Head will meet with the student. An effort will be made to resolve the grievance. If the grievance is not resolved satisfactorily, the student may appeal the decision to the Academic Committee. The Head of Department forwards the grievance to the Academic Committee for resolution. The decisions of the Academic Committee are final and are non-appealable.

The following principles and procedures governing dismissal will be used if the reasons for dismissal are due to moral inconsistencies, significant neglect of duties, behavior, attitudes that are not in harmony with SCSU’s written policies, statements, standards, and ethical practices.

Dismissal of a student before graduation will be preceded by:
a) discussions between the student and appropriate administrative officers looking toward a mutual agreement
b) informal inquiry by appointed faculty committee, which may, failing to effect an adjustment, determine whether in its opinion dismissal proceedings should be undertaken, without its opinion being binding upon the administration
c) a statement of charges framed with reasonable particularity by the CAO and submitted to a committee of faculty and administrators (i.e., an ad hoc Grievance Committee consisting of Administrative Manager, CAO, one student selected by the CAO, and one student selected by the student who has a grievance). Pending a final decision by the committee, no overt action relative to the student’s activity is to be taken.

If a student has a grievance or a challenge to disciplinary or dismissal actions that she/he wishes to pursue through special procedures, he should inform the CAO. The CAO will form the ad hoc Grievance Committee consisting of Administrative Manager, one student selected by the CAO, one student selected by the student with a grievance, and the CAO him or herself. The student with a grievance will write a report detailing his grievance and suggesting any desired changes. The committee will have a meeting to discuss the grievance, reasons the school administration has been pursuing its present course and determine any more investigation that is needed. A second meeting will be scheduled which will allow the committee to ask questions of the professor and the administration. Proposals for recourse, change or for dismissing the grievance without recourse or change will then be written and voted on by secret ballot. CAO will inform the committee of the vote tally. The vote of the committee will decide the matter unless dean of student asks the board to review the case (including minutes and vote tally). In case of a tie vote, CAO will make the decision. Careful minutes to both meetings should be kept including the results of the vote tally. School kept securely maintains all information and records of complaints.
If any student feels he or she has been injured by a colleague, he should discuss the matter with the Head of Department. If the aggrieved student wishes to pursue the matter further, it will be the function of an appointed committee composed of CAO,Administrative Manager and one student to examine matters carefully.
If a student has grievances which he or she cannot work out with the school, he or she may call or write to:

P.O. Box 328
Forest, Virginia 24551
(804) 525-9539 Fax (804) 525-9538

Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education 400 R Street Suite 5000
Sacramento, CA 95814-6200