General Information

SCSU’s academic programs are open to all students who meet the standard requirements for admissions. SCSU admits only qualified students and persons who are committed to Christ-like characters. The requirements for application documents are as follows.
High School Graduation: Applicants for Bachelor’s degree programs must have graduated from high school or have an equivalent General Education Certificate (GED) offered by the State Department of Education. If this requirement is not met a student may be allowed to enroll as a Special Student upon approval from the Administration.

Pre-College Tests: All incoming freshmen are expected to submit ACT or SAT scores to the Registrar. Though there is no set minimum score for admission, an applicant’s score must indicate ability to perform satisfactorily on the college level. Information concerning the SAT may be obtained from a high school counselor, or Information concerning the ACT may be obtained from a high school counselor, or Applicants who do not submit either an ACT or SAT score are subject to being placed on academic probation.

Graduate School: Applicants for Master’s degree programs must have graduated from Bachelor’s degree or have an equivalent. If this requirement is not met a student may be allowed to enroll as a Special Student upon approval from the Administration.

Admission Procedures
1. The application form and other materials can be obtained from the Admissions Office. A prospective student may be requested by phone, mail, or downloaded via the internet. The mailing address and phone/fax numbers are:
Southern California State University
3470 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 380, Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone (213) 382 – 5300 Fax (213) 403-5636
Submit application to continue the process.
2. Paying the application fee ($150.00 non-refundable)
3. Complete the following documents as below:
● Academic Information*
● Background Information*
● High School Transcript or GED**
● Spiritual Information*
● Signed Statement of faith*
● SAT/ACT Scores***
4. For international student: Proof of proficiency in the English language. To be considered for admission to Southern California State University student must submit TOEFL score or take the University’s English exam.
5. See each program minimum requirement in University Program section.
* These must be received by the office before a student can be accepted as a student and admitted to class. All other items must be submitted in an expedient manner and are required for continued enrollment.
** If this requirement is not met a student may be allowed to enroll as a Special Student
***If an ACT or SAT score is not received a student with less than a 2.0 High School GPA will be put on Academic Probation for the first year.
Once the student submits the application and the supporting documents, the Admissions Office reviews the documents and confirms the completion of each applicant’s file. The application and records are submitted to the admissions office for evaluation based on the following criteria:
● Active participation in the community
● Evaluation of prior academic performance and the ability to successfully complete the academic program
● Recommendations
Applicants will be officially notified, and the admitted students will receive orientation information.

E-Learning Requirement
Only California resident are allowed to take online program offered by Southern California State University.

Course Substitution
Any course substitution between programs will be determined by the Registrar and/or CAO.

Credit by Examination
High school students may receive credit through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and the Advanced Placement Examination (provided the grade is 3 or better). Interested students should contact their high school principal or the Registrar for details.

Credit for Life Experience
Southern California State University does not award credit for student’s prior experiential learning and professional certificates.

Personal Interview
Each new student will have an opportunity of a personal interview with the president or designated person during admission procedure. For the student, this is an opportunity to meet the president or designated person of the school and to be encouraged as the student embarks on postsecondary education.

Academic Residency Requirement
There are academic residency requirements to fulfill for a student to qualify as full-time. For bachelor’s degrees the requirement is 12 credits and for master’s degrees the requirement is 8 credits.