Bachelor Program
Major: Intercultural Studies

The Intercultural Studies Program prepares students to learn about worldwide religions and belief systems and attain cultural and cross-cultural knowledge. The program utilizes an interdisciplinary and developmental model to examine religion, cultures, power, prestige, group interrelationships, and cross-cultural communications and interactions. It is designed to assist students in participating more meaningfully in their social, civic, and increasingly global society.


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Mission Statement

The mission of Southern California State University(SCSU) is to educate our students to perform effectively and make a positive impact in the world through the word of God and Christian-based teaching.

Philosophy of Education

Southern California State University(SCSU) is a Christian university determined to afford its students with the best academic and biblical instruction. SCSU firmly believes that spiritual enrichment through a profound relationship with God is pessary in order to lead a meaningful life. This relationship is deepened by a constant studying of the Scriptures and a life of service, two pursuits that SCSU is committed to instilling in its students.


Southern California State University(SCSU) is located in the heart of Korea Town in Los Angeles at 3470 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 380, Los Angeles, CA 90010.

Admissions Policies

To initiate the enrollment process applicants must submit the following materials:

The application form and a non-refundable application fee ($150.00).

Official transcripts from high school and/or all post-secondary educational institutions attended.

English entrance exam

Applicants can obtain the application form and other necessary materials from the admissions office,or they can be obtained by mail: or via the Internet: or requested by phone.

Southern California State University 3470 Wilshire Blvd.,Suite 380, Los Angeles, CA 90010 Phone (213)382-5300 Fax (213) 402-7979 Email:

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Thanks giving

(26-27 Nov 2016)

Veterans Day

(11 Nov 2016)

Christmas Day

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  • Bouie, Carmen Professor

    It's the different nationalities of the students and the unique cultural perspectives they being that makes the classroom a fun and active learning environment to share everyone's different experiences views on the topics and subjects I teach.

  • Concepcion, Guy Professor

    Globalization is never more alive than in a classroom full of different nationalities and cultures who exchange ideas, and most important, who welcome and respect there diverse idea.

  • Diaz, Agustin Professor

    Teaching at SCSU has been a life changing experience; the students’ open hearts and minds have paved the way for powerful group discussions. In many occasions, I find myself learning cultural insights from my students.